Josh Wink

Josh Wink

Profound Sounds v.2


Internationally-known DJ/producer Josh Wink is one of the more successful of his ilk, DJing around the globe, scoring dance hits around the same circumference and heading up a fairly successful label. Therefore, one expects a lot from his sequel to 1999’s Profound Sounds. Though a lot of thought has gone into the process of this two-CD mix set, the profundity is lost on a troglodyte like me.

On the first disc, Wink has re-edited and remixed all 16 tracks before mixing the disc live. It’s an enjoyable mix — as far as that goes. He starts off with a sensual reworking of Swayzak’s “Form Is Emptiness” and builds slowly and methodically. It’s a nice set with a lot of titillating anticipation and deep grooves. He especially shines in a moment of tension and release on his own “Oakish.” He’s got some good music from UK Gold, Frankie Bones, Mindlab and Minimal Man. It’s an enjoyable dance experience, but nothing terrifically out of the ordinary. It’s a lot of effort just to be average.

The second disc features an interview, live and studio footage and four tracks previously only available on vinyl. Those without turntables can appreciate the added bonus, though, really, only his remix of Range of Motion’s “What U Mean to Me” can be enjoyed off the dancefloor.

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