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Gilla Bruja

Six Fingered Jesus


I’m not sure what “Gilla Bruja” means, or even what language it is, but I’d be willing to bet that it means something to the effect of “a sludgy version of Zao.” Yes, Gilla Bruja, and their monstrously terrifying riffs pound and plod away with unbridled ferocity.

Six Fingered Jesus is good, in the same way that anything destructive, powerful and devastating is “good.” The entire album is one low end sludgy riff after another. The drums are way up in the mix, and thankfully the drummer prefers the slow and steady method. Rarely does he ever do more than what is required. Every once in a while (see “The Door”), he’ll bust out some weird off-kilter beat, but, for the most part, he’s straightforward and strong, like a slow, unstoppable army of hot tar and mud. The lead vocalist is a total freak, and he’s the main reason for the obvious comparisons to Zao. He goes absolutely nuts and has a really scathing and scratchy scream that hurts just listening to. Now, I don’t want to confuse anyone: when I say they’re sludgy, I mean that in a Melvins or Maxmillion kind of way, not in a Khanate or Sunn0))) manner. This is slowed down and tough metal, plain and simple.

If you like to rock out, and I mean really rock out, then this album is totally for you.

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