The Beautiful Sounds of…

Escape Artists

Well, there are a ton of different words that can accurately describe the 22 minutes of music on The Beautiful Sounds of…, including violent, aggressive, chaotic, blistering, painful, demented, spastic and loud. LickGoldenSky is the kind of band that dances the very fine line between metalcore, hardcore, mathcore and spazzcore, incorporating equal parts of each.

Without a doubt, this record is superb and totally worth picking up. These guys are absolutely insane, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the lead vocalist has actually spent time in a psych ward. His voice is one of the most raw, guttural, high-pitched scream/growls that I’ve ever heard. It reminds me very much of the singer from mid-1990s Cavity. The guitars are dirty, powerful and float on the high end of the guitar spectrum. The drums are kind of buried, but they’re audible enough to tell that the drummer is a fast hitter, and he probably tears it up live.

With this one, you’ll frighten everyone on your block. Fans of Converge, Kiss It Goodbye, Unsane and Turmoil will eat up The Beautiful Sounds of…, with a contented smile.


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