Martha Lipton

Martha Lipton


Martha Lipton is a contemporary jazz vocalist who makes the most of her considerable vocal chops to expand into genres like Big Band, Bossa Nova, Dixieland and even Techno-Dance. Her sophomore CD, Blissville, plays out like a mix tape of Martha’s best material: something you could keep in your walkman or throw on the stereo to soundtrack a party, hardly realizing you’re listening to songs from just one album — let alone from a single artist.

Blissville is a complete sensory experience, starting with the cover photo: a beguiling nude shot depicting a woman, sitting tentatively on a dock, dangling her legs in the water. Looking at this picture, you can almost imagine her pushing off into this blue lake and swimming away, surrounded by her own private paradise. If Blissville is a state of mind, Martha Lipton takes you there, shows you the sights, and serves you drinks.

Fans of The Miami Sound Machine or similar bands will love the Latin pulse of opening track, “bodySoul&mind.” Centered on a positive message, “bodySoul&mind” celebrates individuality and self-expression with lyrics like “Cultivate your passions / Remember diamonds come from coal.” From there she moves right into the smooth jazz (think Steely Dan) of “Company of Fools,” the big band swing of “Wrap Me Up,” and the irresistible Bossa Nova beat accenting the “Girl from Ipanema”-influenced “That Café.” Ah, I feel like I’ve been everywhere from Mexico to Miami with just one listening. Blissville is just beautiful, visual, relaxing and engaging music, great songs, tight arrangements and a real trip in every sense of the word. No time for a weekend getaway or vacation? Take Martha Lipton’s Blissville for a spin and escape from reality anytime.

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