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“Norman is the misguided kid from suburbia who thinks he’s Tupac. The 28-year-old who lives at home with his mom and works in a comic book store. He’s the kid who always gets clowned at school. Most of us can all relate to him on some level.”

Norman is Onry Ozzborn and Barfly of Seattle’s Oldominion. They’re a lyrical duo with tight rhymes laced with acerbic wit and an apocalyptically dark sense of humor. These are some twisted bastards, and you’ll love them for it. Named after Norman Bates, Barfly and Ozzborn take swipes at hip-hop conformists, the bling-bling contingent, cookie-cutter suburbia and soccer hooliganism. With the Hitchcockian role model, one can imagine the black in their humor. But this is more than a Bobby Jimmy novelty act. This duo can flow, and they always keep it interesting. You’ll laugh, but you’ll also nod your head.

Onry shares production credit with Smoke and Pale. Together, they’ve crafted an incredibly dark and murky sound. It’s an ominous groove that’s quite infectious with dopeness coming at you from every corner with songs like “Normandy” (with Pale Soul), “(I Can’t Live without My) Ghetto Blaster,” “Weastwick United F.C.,” “Martyr” (with Toni Hill) and “Drip.” If you’ve missed this album so far, please be quick to rectify the situation.

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