Killbox 13


Good ol’ Overkill, the thrash metal monsters we love to hear, but often forget when conversing about the great metal bands of the last 20 years. It’s good to know, that even though we may forget from time to time, they’re always there for us to come back to — like an old friend from high school.

Killbox 13 finds the band doing more of their m.o.: ripping riffs of buzzsaw terror, pounding and furious drums and the occasional catchy melody. Killbox 13 showcases a rejuvenated Overkill, one with a surprising amount of energy and power, when considering how old these guys are. Poor Bobby Ellsworth’s voice is the only hint at their age. It’s always been high, shrill and painful to hear. But he’s getting older, and his voice is wearing out, so the shrill is being subdued by a bit of an old man’s gargle.

Overall, though, this is seriously one of the best records that I’ve ever heard from Overkill. They reach deep into their pockets of riff creativity and satchel of brutality to make what is a truly aggressive and punishing record. Metal fans of all ages, this is one to hear, for sure!

Spitfire Records: http://www.spitfirerecords.com/

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