Parasol•s Sweet Sixteen

Parasol’s Sweet Sixteen

Volume Five


The fifth incarnation of Parasol’s popular compilation series reads like a Swedish best-of album. Some fantastic tracks appear, including Sukilove’s “Talking in the Dark,” Sweden’s answer to Elliot Smith, Lasse Lindh’s “The Stuff” and Martin Permer’s “Popgirl.”

Another truly spectacular contribution is the ethereal, gorgeous pop song “Back to Budapest” by (yes, this is the name…) Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror. “Budapest” is a simple melody with a ’70s folk feel. Think the Mamas and the Papas mind melding with Portishead and you’re almost there.

One of the more “famous” dreampop groups on the compilation is Club 8. With its breathy female vocals, “Spring Came, Rain Fell” could be a bona fide dance hit. Yet, by far, the most “commercially” viable band on the compilation is The Soundtrack of Our Lives, who offer “Lone Summer Dream.”

Even with its overwhelming appreciation for all things Swede, Parasol has constructed an eclectic compilation that finds it way into my CD player more often than any other compilation.

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