Rock Kills Kid

Rock Kills Kid

Rock Kills Kid


Imagine going to the local fair, and seeing someone with whom you went to high school. You were friends for a few months, but you have lost total contact. You might try to avoid eye contact, but, inevitably, you end up having to speak with them. The entire time you’re thinking, “Oh God, get me out of here…” as your old friend gives you all of the expected responses to your mundane and irrelevant questions. This is how I felt as I listened to Rock Kills Kid.

There was a time when I was totally into this type of diluted emo pop, but it was long ago, in the form of Superchunk. It may be 2003, but bands are still beating this long dead and rotting corpse that is emo pop. When I listen to Rock Kills Kid, I hear a bunch of kids who have listened to their Jimmy Eat World records way too much, and have essentially become a clone of the band. The thing is, Jimmy Eat World’s first big record (the one with the white mushrooms on it) was absolutely incredible — and it was released in 1994! Come on Rock Kills Kid, get a new shtick! Pop punk is so tired and boring! By the end of this record, I am so bored that I wonder if it has some type of built in sleeping aide that, when played, is spewed forth in mist form from my speakers.

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