Ron Trent

Ron Trent

Deep & Sexy 2


Nothing is more American than the franchise. We consumers flock to them because we know what to expect. No surprises. We go to McDonald’s because we know what we’re going to get (even if it sucks). That high visibility is something every business craves. Of course, when starting a franchise quality is paramount. The half-assing comes after success.

So, maybe Deep & Sexy 15 will suck. It won’t matter then because everybody will already be too hyped on D & S to give a shit. But we care deeply when 2 is attached to a highly successful venture (hell, this ain’t the movies). Fortunately, so does Wave Music.

Latin-soaked and sopping with jazz, this is an impeccable mix with incredible songs by Kaoru, Forever, Onda, Carlos Gomez, Universal Love and Solu. Trent has mined deeper than most for a true house treasure, and it shows. All the tracks got that groove, and the mix as a whole teases the adrenaline into a serious frenzy. This is the perfect disc to kick off any party.

Wave Music:

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