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Hmmm… this sounds like Joan Jett, with some power and pomp added to spice things up. It’s rock and roll with elements of indie rock (overly distorted bass, distorted vocals and grating guitars) thrown in for good measure. To be honest, Suffrajett is a rock & roll record that’s supposed to knock off our socks, but it makes me want to take a nap.

Suffrajett is a two piece from New York. Their influences appear to include a slew of bad early-’90s female fronted “Alternative” bands (e.g. Hole, Veruca Salt and L7). This album pretty much sounds like an updated version of Hole, crossed with Joan Jett’s harder stuff from her early days, thrown into a blender with lots of things that don’t belong, like a talented singer (I don’t want to hear someone who could sing opera singing rock; it’s weird!) and distortion pedals that are hooked up to the microphone cord (come on, not only is it clich´d, it just sounds dumb).

What can I say? These guys are a pretty tight sounding “band” on record, but I just can’t get into this. Fans of Polly Jean Harvey’s early work will probably enjoy this, but I can’t stomach this record.

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