Ten Benson

Ten Benson

Benson Burner


Like Andrew W. K. and Danko Jones before them, Ten Benson are something in-between a joke and a pose. And like those other two, Ten Benson regard itself with such complete lack of self-importance that it’s hard to fault this sheer and unadulterated rock attack for its lack of either originality or longevity. Song titles including “Tits” and “Under Heavy Riffage” give the game away — this is old-fashioned, pyro-enhanced, face-slapping, power-popping hard rock, as unsubtle as it comes. And, at least for the first few spins, it’s pretty fun stuff.

Inevitably, the joke wears thin after a while, but Ten Benson have enough decent hooks and abrasive charm to deem this a surprisingly likeable album, certainly far above those other semi-hyped hard rock revivalists, The Darkness. If you still pull out that Spinal Tap album once in a while, this one comes with your name stamped all over it. For the rest of us, Cheap Trick’s Live at Budokan may still satisfy our every need in this department.

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