The D.O.C. Presents

The D.O.C. Presents

The Deuce


Remember BeBe’s kids? How they didn’t die; they multiplied? Well, that pretty much sums up gangsta rappers. As long as Dre continues doing what he’s doing, making the money he makes, these pseudo Crips will keep popping out of the woodworks like cockroaches when the lights are out.

Though it’s always great to see the D.O.C. doing well, I have to admit that the man has to ask himself if The Deuce is funky enough. As a showcase for his new label and his stable of new artists, the disc disappoints. Not that these people don’t have talent (Two Face seems to be particularly skilled), but, well, we’ve all heard this before. Too many times to count. Eazy’s dead; Cube does movies; Snoop’s (who appears quite often on the disc) just a caricature of himself; and Dre’ll ride Eminem to the grave. Ren? Yella? Shit, DJ Quik’s getting sued for stealing the only original track he’s ever produced (Truth Hurt’s “Addictive”).

You will probably enjoy songs like “Big ?ick ?hit,” “1-2-3 (Critical Condition),” and especially “Gorilla Pympin’,” but there’s something a bit sad about a new label launching with such old, tired (shit, they even have the obligatory skits) material.

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