The Parkinsons

The Parkinsons

A Long Way To Nowhere


Already hailed by NME (then again, who isn’t?), The Parkinsons are one of the few acts who actually deliver on the promise of massive pre-release hype. While A Long Way To Nowhere may not exactly set new standards for garage punk, it’s as exciting and vibrating an album as you could possibly hope for these days. Charmingly underplayed, The Parkinsons resist every aspect of minimalism by playing full force, all the time. It’s chaotic and accidental, half the time threatening to fall apart, and it’s all done with such scruffy conviction and gritty gleefulness. Unproduced, uncalculated and unconsidered, The Parkinsons are probably too filthy to ever be accepted by the mainstream audience that tapped into the White Stripes or the Hives. But A Long Way To Nowhere deserves the attention of all those planning their next step into the ugly world of garage punk.

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