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Hollywood Tire


A dubiously fun jam band from Lake Placid, Jim… sprinkles its verbose workouts with jazzy hip-hop, sleazy G-funk, tripping psychedelia and whatever else crosses its path. It’s all a bit silly, and Jim… aren’t above making fun of themselves (check the self-mocking comments peppered throughout the printed lyrics). Their biggest problem, in fact, seems to be this complete unwillingness to take themselves seriously. Sure, there are the odd touches of seriousness, but it’s always laughed away in the next line or musical idea.

Nothing’s worse than pompous, self-righteous artists, but on the other hand, there’s nothing wrong in sounding like you’re actually trying to get some point across in your music. Hollywood Tire has plentiful of good moments and clever ideas, but they’re all killed off too early. I have no doubt that this is an exciting live act, but they fail to make any lasting impact with this album. Entertaining, but not much more.


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