Trumans Water

Trumans Water

The Singles 1992-1997

No Sides

In those halcyon days of the early Nineties when lo-fi defined the times and everyone swayed to the sounds of Pavement and Sebadoh, Trumans Water were quite the scene, not that I ever heard them. Far more obscure than Pavement and showing considerable disdain for things like tunings, practice and melodies, Trumans Water appeared to be the bizarre progeny of Sonic Youth and Crab Boy from the Circus Sideshow. Random titled songs and lyrics screamed over the top of flailed guitars and a rhythm section that sometimes remains in tune and sometimes gallops past all became their signature. The twenty-four tracks that make up this collection all contain these trademarks in spades.

Depending on your threshold for self-indulgent guitar wankery, this collection may be a mother lode of indie rock deconstructionism or a sprawling mess of willfully obscure nonsense. For myself, I•ve just added another piece in my collection of avant-rock beer coasters.

Trumans Water:

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