Yattering is a band of Polish gentlemen who know how to blast out some aggressive death/grind metal. Genocide is on the mathier side of things: there isn’t a single moment of “musical interlude” or breakdown, there isn’t a keyboard to be found within 50 miles of this disc… I love it! It’s 100% pure ferocity and destruction!

From start to finish, Genocide is one destructive, crushing riff after another, with the addition of some very intricate drumming that starts and stops without a moment’s warning. Occasionally, a blast beat will trickle its way into the mix. But the drumming is more of the super-fast thrash metal kind, which sounds a lot tougher than a bunch of blast beats anyway. The guitars are thick and chunky, with a heavy emphasis on the low end. Yet the high end isn’t totally lost. Rather, it is showcased by strange feedback tricks and otherwise bizarre guitar tactics. The vocalist gets an A+ for his perfect growl, as it is pronounced, deep and very intimidating. He keeps his part to a minimum, aware that the guitars are the true champions of this band.

The metalcore kids into Botch, Isis, Locust, Dillinger Escape Plan and the like will probably dig Genocide. This is one serious slab of death-grindcore-thrash-math metal that almost defies classification! I usually think Candlelight Records’ stuff is overly theatric and corny, but this Yattering record has made me a believer. Genocide is totally worth picking up.

Candlelight Records: http://www.candlelightrecords.co.uk/

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