Three For The Road

Three For The Road – September 30th, 2003

Somewhere along the line, it was decided that erraticism would be a new standard of excellence around these parts. Seems like situations are proceeding nicely. There are some musings forming upstairs about George W. Bush down on his knees begging forgiveness from the French in order to get what he wants out of an election year; a thought that makes me wish that political cartooning had been one of the things focused on coming out of high school. There’s also this vague notion that slavery never really went away and that there are more slaves in America now than in the entire history of this countries’ birth. It’s cooking and we promise soup not long after this insert. But for now, three from the CD changer that we’d like to turn y’all onto.

The Teac Trio

Three discs that have been spinning wildly in the Teac deck over my right shoulder here in The Dark. If you’d like to send your music along, consider this address:

J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.
P.O. Box 560727
Orlando, Florida 32856

There are no guarantees that your CD will get mentioned here; but we’ll do everything possible to ensure that your music reaches its intended (or unintended) audience.

Feeding Ahhs

Hugo Harrison’s got what it takes to make it, if only someone with connections would sit up and take notice. His latest release, produced by Tony Battaglia, who has recorded music for K.C. & The Sunshine Band, is a slickly entertaining romp through pop, hip-hop and full-on rock flavors sprinkled with whimsical lyrics that skirt around the urban edges. A number of tunes were lifted and re-mixed from his previous release “Velvet Playground” and are in fine form here along with newer tracks like the piano ballad “Butterfly Wings” and the money-maker “Bad At Being Good.” Funky, funny and freaky all at once.

Delicate Cycle

With a clear, strong voice and a knack for writing a potent lyric, Magda Hiller brings amazing grace and blazing fury to the songs on this CD. Mostly poignant tales of love and the familiarity of memories, this songstress paints in simple strokes and achieves stunning effect with lines like “the St. John’s taps this island with a muddy hand.” Most tracks are just singer and guitar but the lively tune “The Creator” countrifies things with a spirited arrangement and performance. Another gem in the fabric of central Florida.

Infinite Atmospheric Audio Reaction

Though their respective styles are somewhat different, comparisons to Michael Jackson are inevitable when listening to the latest disc from Orlando-based singer/songwriter Anduze. Like Mike, he’s comfortable in many different styles, from R&B to acoustic rock to hip-hop, though his rap stylings are not on par with his silky leads. Also like the King of Pop, Anduze weaves lovely walls of harmonies throughout the album. Tracks like “Moving On” and “Brazil”, laying the charm heavy; lyrics about girls getting too hot and bothered over the brotha, and no wonder with the steamy nature of the tunes. A nice duet (“Surreal”) is a sweet cherry on top. Definitely worth inclusion in any local music collection if you like something with an urban flavor.

Strange things are brewing just above the neck cavity – more of the usual when this instrument returns current. Enjoy the hump! Be safe out there.


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