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I’m so very tired of music like this when it’s done in a mediocre fashion. X27 is supposed to be minimalist art-funk along the lines of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hot Hot Heat and the like, all stripped down and energetic. The songs on this album are stripped down to be sure, but the sound is so flat and sparse that any punishing energy built up is quickly dissipated. “Boy” vocalist Rikkeh X doesn’t exactly bring anything useful to the table with his dull grunting delivery. “Girl” vocalist Carmen X fares a little better with her sometimes sweet, sometimes constipated croon. But give me Karen O’s much more convincing caterwaul any day over either of them, it suits this type of music so much better. In short, no, this is not your new favorite band; it’s the sound of the latest indie fad buzzing out its (hopefully) last wave of crappy-come-lately. Maybe if we all wish real hard we can make this go away.

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