A Northern Chorus

A Northern Chorus

Spirit Flags

Sonic Unyon

Think post-rock from Canada, but don’t think Godspeed or Set Fire to Flames. Think more along the lines of camping out with lots and lots of pine trees, an ice cold river and the northern lights. Think Judah from The Velvet Teen deciding he wants to shoegaze and stargaze simultaneously. Think what Elliott might have turned into if they hadn’t discovered reverb and liked playing 10-minute songs.

Then think about why simple songs like these sound so good. How they make you want to stay awake so you can bury yourself in them. Think how pretentious you’ll sound trying to describe A Northern Chorus to, well, anyone. How seemingly inadequate your stereo is (surely this album should be played on some sort of organic CD-reading device?)… and how Spirit Flags‘ understated production shyly hides meticulous sonic craft.

If you want to be analytical, you could think about the similarities between Spirit Flags and wistful, indie dream pop; or how Spirit Flags could be the album A Silver Mt. Zion made if they decided to be happy.

After that, though, think about what a good job A Northern Chorus have done in nodding towards peers and influences but then stepping aside into beautiful, uncharted territory. Think a little about the fact that this album really doesn’t sound like anything but itself.

Alternatively, don’t think much at all. (I favour this option.)

Sonic Unyon Records: http://www.sonicunyon.com/ • A Northern Chorus: http://www.anorthernchorus.com/

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