Bourbon Princess

Bourbon Princess

Black Feather Wings


If Monique Ortiz’s Bourbon Princess remind you of Morphine, then you probably will not be surprised to learn that two former members of the brass-ridden gawds of indie-baritone rock appear on this album: saxophonist Dana Colley and drummer Jerry Deupree, the latter of which has since become a full-fledged member of Ortiz’s band. The comparison to Morphine is only good for so long, though, as Ortiz’s approach is a less complex one, and more subdued. Bourbon Princess, rather, excel in seductive and cigar-puffing late-night jazz funk, as pulsating and tense as it’s chilled and relaxed. Ortiz’s seductive vocals and rumbling bass occupy center stage, but she makes sure the focus remains on musical mood rather than instrumental performances, insisting that this is a band, not a solo show. The songs do tend to get lost in the midst of the rich and breathy atmosphere, and the record suffers as a result of this. But when it all comes together, as on the fine “The Spider Sings,” Bourbon Princess indicate that this is only the beginning, and that we may have something really good in store.

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