Death on Wednesday

Death on Wednesday

Songs To ____ To


Songs to ______ to (that’s the album’s actual title) sounds like an EP of lost Smoking Popes demos. I really like Smoking Popes, so this one is right up my alley.

Death on Wednesday is a bit more “rock” than Smoking Popes — in a Social Distortion kind of way — but there are still plenty of pop hooks in these songs. And what gives them that “something special” is the wonderful mix of crooning vocals, gritty, gnarled guitars and big drums beats. I guess one could easily liken this stuff to what The Smiths might have sounded like, had they stayed together and kept writing songs like “London.”

Songs to _____ to is, however, only a five songs long. I wish it was an entire album! The strongest tracks include the emotional “Wait For Love” and the bulldozer “Simple Life.” Moz fans and Smoking Popes fans alike will enjoy this to no end, and I look forward to a full length.

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