Giddy Motors

Giddy Motors

Make It Pop


Let me begin by saying that this record is already two years old and released exclusively on a British record label. Yes, shame on us for not reviewing it sooner, but shame on you for not having bought it already.

Giddy Motors make the indie rock record you’ve wanted bands like Les Savy Fav and The Liars to put out. This is The Stooges fronted by Hunter S. Thompson, eclipsing or obliterating all interlopers with their Steve Albini recorded thunder drums and avant-jazzy insanity. I cast all hyperbole aside when I say that “Magmanic” is the best song to open an album I’ve heard this year. Nothing can touch the cacophonous rhythm changes that fire like faulty pistons in between the opening and closing drum rolls. Plus, with Albini manning the knobs I can’t imagine this could possibly sound any more powerful in a live setting.

Through all the noise and frothing at the mouth, the band somehow manages to put together the cello and finger picked acoustic guitar driven “Venus Medallist.” By no stretch of the imagination should this song belong on the album, but it fits beautifully and provides a brief moment of calm reflection, or a chance to towel off, before the final salvo hits. When Make It Pop wraps up, the listener is left confused, thrilled and desperately hopeful it doesn’t take two more years for the band’s next release to hit America’s shores. In short, it does everything a great album should.

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