Hans Platzgumer

Hans Platzgumer


Hans Platzgumer doesn’t get any particularly versatile sounds from his Software, nor does he show much invention with those he does.

Unfortunately, in some ways the accompanying press release to this album is more entertaining than the songs it accompanies, having been written (apparently) by someone from another culture and containing such gems as:

“He (Platzgumer) processed in the new songs, whether based on pop gravity…or dub diving depth…the versatily [sic] quoted ’80s on a very own level.”

This fellow has been around (it says here) since 1987, as part of a band called H.P. Zinker, as a solo artist, and under the name Aura Anthropica. But I’ve never heard of him before. Software is his fourth solo album and it sounds like Electronica; all strange sounds and ticking drum machines, synth bass lines that could kill a man at ten paces, whispered vocals, etc etc etc etc. Yawn.

The best this record has to offer is probably the title tune, and even that’s simply a little electro pop groove with a negligible lyric.

You’re really under no obligation to hear this ever again, and fortunately, neither am I.

Hans Platzgumer: http://platzgumer.net/

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