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Nicolas Matar

Sun Dance

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Now, more than ever, these troubling times need more DJs like Nicolas Matar. When the entire world is being traumatized by dancefloor terrorists who insist on unleashing double CD mixes, Sun Dance is a much needed salve of sound. Lift the yoke from your embattled ears and enjoy this refreshing mix. Matar, the long time resident DJ of Pasha in Ibiza and now Cielo in New York, has the tropics on the brain. Sun Dance is sun-soaked, sun-splashed and whatever new solar-related adjectives folks are using these days to describe Latin-tinged deep house. Oh, this baby does groove, and, yes, you will move. Matar has mixed some exquisite, soulful songs by Richard Gow, Future Funk Essentials, Catalan FC & Sven Love, Richard Lee Crees, Praful and DJ Q impeccably. He takes you up slowly in a delightful foreplay, bangs away mercilessly and brings you tantalizingly back down with his soulful, Latinized, jazzy sound. Unlike the usual two-disc, 160-minute drones that leave you exhausted and irritated that so many DJs are pumping out right now, Matar•s 30-minute mix leaves you begging for more. Sun Dance does so much more with a lot less, showing a confidence in his ability that many apparently lack. Hopefully, others will learn from the funky lesson that Nicolas Matar is teaching.

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