Juana Molina

Juana Molina



Argentinean singer/songwriter (and one-time popular TV comedian back in the homeland) Juana Molina evokes images of a tender, delicate flower that should be nurtured and cared for with kid gloves (or to follow New Birth’s recommendation, plucked from a garden and be allowed to grow wild) or any of those other misguided romantic notions we guys have about the damsel in distress. Her voice is tender, frail and full of more melancholy than a Belfast pub at one in the afternoon.

Segundo, as the title implies, is Molina’s second release but her first in the US. The woman combines her precious, nymph stylings with fragile guitar licks and layers of subtle electronic impulses. What you get is a tender album that is sweet and bitter, that plucks and plays at your heartstrings. Molina is strongly reminiscent of Jennifer Charles with her frail vocals with some of the same dark, disturbing underpinnings. She’s intoxicating and breathtaking. A Mesmer on guitar, keys and larynx.

Domino Recording Company: http://www.dominorecordingco.com/

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