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Following some scattered single and comp releases, Kaospilot finally follows up with their full-length debut, proving that all the (admittedly good) stuff that came before was merely a hint of further sonic destruction. Simply put, Kaospilot is the most frenetically punishing extreme hardcore set you’ve heard this year. Infused with the spirit of Refused, Kaospilot are far less immediately tolerable than them. The Shape of Punk to Come could go on for an eternity and still leave the listener hanging on, while Kaospilot will have you gasping for air long before this 27 minutes set is through. If this disc had been any longer, it would have killed you. Thankfully, it’s not, and after a short break and a few aspirins, you’ll be hitting the repeat button.

Kaospilot serve their noise with a passionate fury and a will to provoke through extreme communication. The band’s music is as politically inspired as their words, pushing for revolution in words and notes. Good thing they included a lyric sheet, though, because the vocalist’s insane screams don’t make for textbook understanding. And sometimes even the written word will leave you scratching your head: “Solipsistic ideas turn into a romantic term/Is this a symptom of a common sense rebellion towards our surroundings or are we the enemy? Ask yourself.” OK brother, will do, as soon as I wrap up this degree in philosophy.

Home-recorded and incessantly DIY, the album sounds beautiful, the playing inspired and momentous. It’s not for everyone, though: As with most radical art, its mode of communication will shut most people out, although its message is intended for everyone. However, if you’ve spent the last couple of years looking for meaning and passion in extreme hardcore, well, Kaospilot have some to save your day. It’s painful stuff, most definitely. But it’s also one of the most furiously beautiful and elegantly complex extreme hardcore albums in a good while now.

Level Plane Records: http://www.level-plane.com/

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