Local H

Local H

No Fun EP


Local H is a two piece band playing heavy garage rock, and they’ve been at it for nearly 10 years. Imagine the White Stripes with sincerity, moderate talent and power, crossed with a latent Nirvana similarity: you have the basic idea of what Local H sounds like.

No Fun is a six song EP, featuring three originals and three cover songs, including Primal Scream’s “Fuck Yeah, That Wide,” The Ramones’ “I Just Want Something to Do” and The Godfathers’ “Birth, School, Work, Death.” These covers are really loud and sloppy sounding, coming off as rather uninspired. To be honest, the entire EP is below what Local H has done in the past, except for “President Forever,” a cool rocker that delivers with intriguing vocals and super heavy drums.

In short, this EP is ok, but I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of money on it; it’s just too forgettable. For die-hard fans, however, the three originals here will be right up your alley, yet still somewhat disappointing.

Thick Records: http://www.thickrecords.com/ • Local H: http://www.localh.com/

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