Lori Hawk

Lori Hawk

Alive in this Dream


Fans of slowly unfolding New Age music should love this, the sophomore release from ethereal singer-songwriter Lori Hawk. Droning keyboards, atmospheric chants, and hey, is that a didgeridoo? Yes indeed it is. Songs about dragonflies, ships, drums, and loads of walking around in the wonderful nature — sounds familiar? Hawk doesn’t do anything new on here, but is blessed with a fine voice and some competent if unremarkable musician friends. Her one co-composer, David Finn, seems to have a thing for Tori Amos, but elsewhere this is leaning more towards Medieval-infused, un-Irish, meditative pan-ism. It’s all very pretty and un-disturbing. Easy to ignore. Not for those of us with a bit of rock music still left in our souls, but you New Age guys will eat this up.

Lori Hawk: http://www.lorihawk.com/

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