Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Dim Mak

From what I understand, Paradise Island is an outlet for Erase Errata member Jenny Hoyston’s more “experimental” leanings. Clocking in at just over seven minutes and only featuring three songs the EP is completely inscrutable. “Deprogram” is a slice of electronic dissonance, formless and fleeting as it leads into “Get Up.” This song casts Hoyston as a ramshackle blues woman, with layers of foggy vocals and a clattering, brittle-stringed guitar which sounds positively ancient. “Monster Boogie” closes out the EP, though it is neither monster nor a boogie. It’s just the sound of two fuzz heavy guitars disrespecting each other with Hoyston in the background quietly trying to calm them down.

This EP is too random to interest anyone but the most hardcore Erase Errata fans. I’m not saying this disc is bad, just very irrelevant. Much like “Paradise Hotel” on television, you might stumble upon this for a couple of seconds, ask yourself “What the hell were they thinking?” before going for the remote, or in this case, the disc changer.

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