The Forgotten

The Forgotten

Out of Print


Hyper prolific Californian punk rockers The Forgotten have been at it since the mid-’90s, gaining a cult following both at home and overseas through a series of short-format releases and three full-length discs. Out of Print is an attempt to gather those hard-to-find tracks culled from singles and compilations, and to clean the slate for future Oi!-infused mischief. Only two original band members and a series of line-up changes obviously make for some disparate performances, but it’s all the more satisfying to discover that the performances gain both energy and solidity as the band goes along. The four most recent tracks, all previously unreleased, are by the current line-up and in fact some of the best moments on here. But there’s a lot more to be heard too. Furious working-class punks with their boots planted in impassioned hardcore, The Forgotten carry their Mohawks with a sense of necessity and workmanlike ethic. Out of Print is a great bits-and-pieces career summary from one of the more engaging street punk bands out there today.

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