The Rising

The Rising

Future Unknown


There have been a number of excellent modern rock bands in the past couple of years that have released excellent records that were virtually ignored by the public. I just hope the Rising doesn’t share the same ignominious fate as July for Kings and Dakona, because Future Unknown is a record that deserves attention.

Opening track and first radio single, “Cradle,” emphasizes the epic melodies that are a trademark of the Rising’s sound, as well as the soaring voice of Aussie vocalist/songwriter Michael Lee. “So Alive” showcases a soulful edge to the band’s style, while rousing rocker “Coming Down” is a U2-esque anthem.

No doubt, fans of Lifehouse, Creed and 3 Doors Down will find something to like on Future Unknown, especially “These Days,” a song which checks most of the requirements of the modern rock radio smash hit.

But the Rising’s songs are not modern rock by numbers. The band’s sound is not as hard-hitting as other bands in the genre, but it’s no less forceful, as the brilliantly evocative standout title track and powerful closing track “Yesterdays” prove.

Lee came to the US from Australia to fulfill his musical vision, and the 11 excellent songs on Future Unknown are a testament to his dedication and talent. I just hope that the record-buying public recognizes this too.

The Rising:

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