A 6 Degrees Collection of Modern Torch Songs

6 Degrees

This bad boy should be renamed The Hipster Guide to Getting Laid. Seriously, with the right cheesy setting, this could work for any horny lame ass. Get the Courvoisier, straighten up the futon, perfect your Barry White imitation, light a few scented candles, pop this disc in, and you’re set. Smoke and mirrors and smoky vocalists just oozing sensuality. That’s all one needs. Torch can fill any chill-out session with just enough testosterone to make all parties feel like they just got lucky.

The masters of this compilation have almost reached perfection. This CD is aural eroticism writ large, a tempest in the bottle full of heat and longing. Jazzy and downtempo, it reverberates a barely-controlled passion that goes straight from your eardrums to your libido. Cassandra Wilson, Snooze, Mandalay, Sylk 130, Shrift and Roy Nathanson with Elvis Costello and Cyrus Chestnut are your perfect guides to this tantalizing road to mackdown. So, cuddle up to your perfect mate (for the evening), throw in Torch, and do your damnedest to prove me wrong.

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