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Black Lines to Battlefields

The Militia Group

One of the “most likely to” follow in the footsteps of pop-rocking emo-breeds Juliana Theory and The Get-Up Kids, Seattle’s Acceptance lean even more towards melodic power-pop bliss than their predecessors, favoring sing-along choruses over punk dynamics, all the while retaining those routine stop-start mannerisms.

The title track to this 7-song EP shows them at their most intriguing, creating something that stretches beyond the ever narrower world of poppy emo. Unfortunately, the kick-off track and radio single “Permanent” seems to be far more indicative of their general direction: overused song structures delivered with a smattering of rather formulaic guitar riffs and those sensitive vocals that just love to reach for the falsetto whenever opportunity present itself.

With this EP, Acceptance may very well appeal to college radio and beyond, but it may take something more for the band to truly set itself apart from the rest of ‘em.

The Militia Group:

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