Tywanna Jo Baskette

Tywanna Jo Baskette

Fancy Blue


Slightly quirky and devastatingly honest, Tywanna Jo Baskette emerges a fully formed artist on her debut album, one of 2003’s most strangely engaging albums so far. The Nashville, TN artist may draw from her hometown’s country music pool, but her songs and her unique delivery have more in common with such idiosyncratic folk and indie performers as Lambchop or even Daniel Johnston. From the bare naked “The Name Song,” so intimately performed it feels like you shouldn’t even be listening, to the fuller-sounding but equally personally rendered “Gentle,” Fancy Blue is the sound of an artist whose only vital choice is stripping bare before her audience to uncover what’s behind. Tywanna Jo Baskette is an amazingly talented, almost painfully honest artist that may well become the next darling of lo-fi, leftfield Americana.

Terminus Records: http://www.terminusrecords.com/

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