The Sound of the Crowd

Using diminutive nicknames is a form of passive aggression

There’s a lengthy–I mean lengthy, I’m talking 14 pages–transcript here of a panel discussion with several TV writers including my man Aaron Sorkin and moderated by Dennis Miller, who used to be my man before he turned into a Bush-loving, FOX-commentating, war-mongering conservative. But enough about that. Hey, at least he’s happy. He says so. I’d be happy too if…but I’m getting started again. Forgive me.

It’s well worth a glance, but make sure you have a few minutes to spare. Meanwhile, everybody out there keep those fingers crossed like a cricket–I’m getting ready to send out another couple of plays of my own.

I don’t know why Dennis Miller insisted on calling Aaron “Sorks” and

“Sorky,” but maybe he didn’t mind. Also dig what Aaron says his first offer was after he left WW…

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