2 Cents

2 Cents

Victims of Pop Culture


Malibu’s 2 Cents somehow managed to squeeze their way onto this year’s Warped Tour without as much as a record deal to show for themselves. This debut disc indicates just why. It’s a tight and energetic set of melodic hardcore in the vein of Strung Out and Glasseater, mixing layers of tight-ass riffs with frenzied melodies and up-and-about self-congratulatory gang fixation. The band does sound a bit uptight in the studio, and the vocals suffer because of it – a sense of nervous hesitation creeping through. But these are talented guys, and there are more hooks on here than you’d possibly hope to hear within the space of some brief ten tracks. If poppy hardcore leaning towards straight-up rock and hard emo is your thing, 2 Cents are well worth checking out. Shiny happy punks.

2 Cents: http://www.2centsmusic.com/

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