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Release the Bats!

This single is a rampaging juggernaut. At barely seven and a half minutes, The Bronx are not here to tear your house down. No, they’re here to spit in your beer, take a leak on your wall, maybe muss your hair a little and walk out the door. Having seen them opening up for the Circle Jerks and GBH on their recent jaunt through Florida, these guys are playing for keeps. The lead singer wore a shirt with “Scene Killer” written across it and blazed across the stage like a young and addled Glen Danzig. He bellowed and howled and careened from side to side and when the fat young punk in the mesh baseball cap tried to raise his ire, giving him the finger throughout their set, this sumbitch just about leapt from the stage and split him in two. I even recall his words – “Yea, fuck you too. We got lotsa assholes like you in LA waaaaooooo.” And then he did a back flip. The Bronx have that strange, kinetic energy that streams off them and you hear it all the way on this release – it’s like if they weren’t playing music, they might just explode. And when they play music, there’s the sense that at any minute one of them might jump off the stage, poke out your eyes and make love to your skull.

These guys are touring up and down the west coast right now. See them.

The Bronx:

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