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Anatomy of a Ghost



Evanesce, the debut album from Portland, Oregon’s Anatomy of a Ghost is one of the finest post-hardcore releases I have heard in a long time. After garnering immense, international popularity through the help of, Anatomy of a Ghost signed to Fearless Records and have recorded something incredible. Similar in style to the acclaimed Coheed and Cambria, Anatomy of a Ghost blend hardcore, emo and plenty of screaming. But Anatomy of a Ghost are original by their own right, and have created their own intense and distinct sound.

Evanesce opens with “Birth of A Mile,” which immediately throws you into the screaming anguish that is Anatomy of a Ghost: “Never found a way out again / cause to trace that blood trail is more that I can bear.” The song is heavy and metallic sounding, yet in true post-hardcore fashion, it is broken up with breaks and moments of delicate harmonies. Think From Autumn to Ashes mixed with Further Seems Forever (circa Chris Carrabba). “Set The Stage” is another of the album’s highlights. Following a Thursday-esque pattern of militaristic drums and muted guitar riffs, what appears to be the story of someone trapped in a hospital unfolds: “Bricks show through white textured walls / screaming their story with such empty hospital feel / so dull unforgiving floor (back down and face up) / movement across ceilings strips of fluorescent lights.” “Set The Stage” hints at conspiracy, whereas tracks like “Streetlights, Empty Walls,” “Distress in the Control Tower” and “Last Transmission” refer to war and its after-effects. Laden within the intense lyrics of Evanesce are stories of war, love lost, death and fear.

Evanesce may be Anatomy of a Ghost’s first release, but if it’s any indication of what to expect in the future, than I can’t wait for more. Anatomy of a Ghost has created a darkly intricate and layered album, both musically and lyrically. It is an album which will undoubtedly become a staple in all hardcore fans’ music collections.

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