Blacktop Cadence

Blacktop Cadence

Chemistry For Changing Times

No Idea / Keystone Ember

Wow! What a treat! I’ve always wanted to hear this album, but it’s been out of print for some time, and I was much too cheap to pay $20.00 for it on eBay; thanks to the folks at No Idea Records, my problem is solved! The Blacktop Cadence was sort of a side band for a couple of members of Hot Water Music, and this is their only album, a re-release by No Idea of the original, which was first pressed by Keystone-Ember Records.

In terms of the sound, Blacktop Cadence sound a lot like Hot Water Music, but with about 60% of the testosterone of HWM. Sonically and song progression-wise, the bands sound identical, making this album essential for HWM fans. To be honest, too, I enjoyed Chemistry For Changing Times much more than anything HWM has put out since Forever and Counting. I guess I like the slower tempo feel of the songs here, and the super emotional vocal delivery by the lovely and talented Chris from HWM, as they’re not as pirate-sounding as they usually are, yet he totally gets into it.

What can I say? This is truly spectacular picture of Gainesville, circa the late 1990s, and just how musically wonderful a place it was in those days. I’ve been fortunate enough to see Hot Water music live, but I wish I had had a chance to see Blacktop Cadence, as the songs on Chemistry are some of the finest to come from the HWM camp, ever! If you like your music gruff yet melodic, punchy but kind, head bobbin’ and easy to sing with, Chemistry For Changing Times is one not to be missed.

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