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Anyone familiar with Suba’s groundbreaking Sao Paolo Confessions already knows the velvety sound of Cibelle. It was her sexy sirenings that added a touch of beauty and wonder to Suba’s dark and moody electro-bossa sound. Now, three years later, Cibelle has finally released her US solo debut. With the help of the Brazilian Apollo 9 production team and Morcheeba’s Chris Harrison and Pete Norris, Cibelle is, indeed, a fine album.

Cibelle rests firmly on the Brazilian electronic foundation, sturdily built by Bebel Gilberto, Suba, Zuco 103 and Da Lata. Not as dark with her downtempo as many of her contemporaries, this talented vocalist delivers a breezy, seductive album full of rich textures and beautiful tones. Cibelle’s voice is silky, milky and schmoove. She tantalizes and titillates and provides for an absolutely delightful experience. A cooling summer breeze invigorated by and laced with tropical humidity, this is a perfectly relaxing experience.

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