Don’t Look Down

Don’t Look Down



Well, what can be said about the boys in Don’t Look Down? They’re just about as cookie cutter melodic punk rock as a band can get. Their songs are uptempo, have melodic guitar lines, whiney vocals, fast drums and lots of hooks. The thing is, they’re so good at this genre that they seem to be saying “this is how it should be done!”

Yes, indeed, the five songs on Five are good; they’re tight, well delivered, have very slick production and are sing-songy. The guitarists are somewhat creative in their formation of riffs and melodic lines, but they come off sounding like Rufio or NOFX. It’s not a bad thing to sound like those bands, but these guys really don’t have anything new to offer. The music they play is perfect textbook pop punk, but I think I’ve heard this record about a hundred times already, under different titles. This is a fun record, but you’ll get tired of it after a few listens.

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