Helicopter Helicopter

Helicopter Helicopter

Wild Dogs With X-Ray Eyes

Initial Records

Hmmm… Helicopter Helicopter is one of the bands du jour these days, receiving huge kudos for playing boring rock & roll songs under the flag of indie rock. But Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes is just another Lemonheads cover album: three chords, big drums, sticky sweet male/female vocals with cutesy melodies and a twinge of longing in their voices. Sometimes they sound like The Beatles, sometimes they sound like That Dog, at other times (my favorite ones) they come close to sounding like The Pixies, thanks to some weird guitar work and the female guitar player’s vocals.

As far as the good parts here, I’d say I really enjoy “1234,” a tight little rocker with dirty sounding guitars and aggressive guitar riff. “Time Machine” is another good song, featuring a ringy bass guitar, 1980s-sounding drums and an infectious chorus. Though the latter is the album’s best track, it alone doesn’t make the album worth picking up. I’ve just heard way too many guitar-driven pop records played by smiley faced twenty-somethings. I’m bored with it already!

Initial Records: http://www.initialrecords.com/

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