Holy Sons

Holy Sons

I Want To Live A Peaceful Life

Film Guerrero

Emil Amos (from Grails) continues his explorations on the outskirts of alt-folk music on this fourth Holy Sons album. Holy Sons is mainly Amos’ solo project, but Jackie-O Motherfucker’s Timothy Horner helps out on strings and production is courtesy of Norfolk & Western’s Adam Selzer. I Want to Live a Peaceful Life is a carefully considered album, in parts reminiscent of a stripped-down Lambchop or a more whimsical Will Oldham, although there’s no mistaking Amos’ confrontational vocals and his slightly droning melodies. It’s a fragile and at times heartbreaking album, but Amos steers away from self-deprecating sentimentality and musical vagueness; this is a direct if beautifully careful album of surprising diversity. From the wonderful “Trivialized” to the dizzying panorama of “Spirits High” and on to the electrically charged “Desire,” Holy Sons have delivered one of the year’s most delicately confident alt-folk albums. And at just over half an hour, this remains an endlessly enigmatic and fascinating affair for its entire, brief duration.

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