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Mousse T.

Gourmet de Funk

Peppermint Jam

Born in Germany and residing in the UK, Mousse T (Mustafa Gündogdu) has that sleazy Euro-cool thing down perfectly. The man who brought us “Horny” and Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” has finally released his debut, Gourmet de Funk, and deeply immerses you in the pop waters of cool. Mousse mixes defused funk, a Louie Devito knack for all that’s popular in dance and warmed-over fusion jazz to surprisingly good effect. This album will have you bordering on hatred, but there’s such a good natured feel to the whole project that you wind up hating yourself for any feelings of animosity you might have.

In serious re-workings of such pop tunes as “Sex Bomb,” “Horny” and “Johnny Come Home” (it’s good to hear Roland Gift again), Mousse T. uses a pat jazz approach that does not fill you with utter loathing and that you’ll ultimately like. Rosie Gaines makes an astounding appearance on “1 Touch.” “Toscana” and “Libra” are pleasant jazz fusion tunes, while “Negril Blues” is a pleasant dub lite cut.

You definitely will not herald this album as the future of any kind of music. It’s completely inoffensive, but, just a few days of fermentation away from total cheese, it’s surprising how good Gourmet de Funk actually is.

Peppermint Jam • Mousse T:

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