Madame Mercury

Madame Mercury

I Wanna Dance

Mad Wax/Journees

Madame Mercury is a DJ from San Francisco who has come up from the underground to drop her second mix CD. And I’m here to tell you the girl has got some serious science. Electro pieces like you’ve never heard before fill this disc from top to bottom in a shapely drape, like Angelina Jolie in leather pants.

Excellent for a dance music compilation, the songs flow just as well out of the context of the mix as within it. Mercury has managed to bring her records together so that if you make your way through the CD from beginning to end the transitions are smooth as satin. But if you love a particular track and just want to hear it, you don’t get one of those jarring stop-in-the-middle-of-the-beat endings you sometimes hear elsewhere, on other, lesser mixes.

Mercury has put together one of the best compilations of dance music I have ever heard, a run of great records with beats that hit hard. She’s got an ear for dance that remembers further back than Madonna without being stuck, static, flat in the past.

The whole album’s a testimony of faith in electro, and you know I’m already a member of that congregation. If you were a boy or girl in the early ’80s you are too, or you should be.

Madame Mercury wants to dance, and you do too, because if you don’t, you best oughtta move on to a Linkin Park review or sumthin’, because here, we’re all about dancing.

Or as a godfather of hip-hop-techno-pop once said, if you’re looking for the perfect beat, people, well here’s a perfect beat for ya. And that’s an offer you shouldn’t refuse. Come on, what else you gonna listen to, Ashanti?

Madame Mercury:

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