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Drive Til Morning

Drive Til Morning

Deep Elm

Wow! As fast as you can, think of as many emo rock clichés as you can… do it now… OK, mine are “black glasses,” “plaid button up shirt” and “side satchels.” As fate would have it, Frank Garcia of Drive Til Morning sports both the dreaded black glasses and the much-too-tight plaid button up in the photo on the album’s back cover. He’s also got a very unique looking shag haircut, thus solidifying his stature as a walking cliché.

The music on Drive Til Morning is even worse. The thirty plus minutes of music here is some of the weakest, corniest, pseudo emotional/reflective lyrics I’ve ever witnessed. Most of these silly lyrics are backed primarily by an acoustic guitar (which sounded rather good, actually!), and the occasional drum beat.

My immediate impression of this album was, “lead singer from Crash Test Dummies trying to be Chris from Dashboard Confessional.” That’s really what it sounds like! I guess I should be more respectful, as Frank Garcia is some kind of legend of indie/punk rock, but this is totally horrible, and my wife says it’s so boring that it makes her want to go to sleep and never wake up. I couldn’t agree more.

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