Sentimento Brasileiro

Sentimento Brasileiro

Music from the Brazilian Heart


“I see you standing with your shadow in the corner, tapping your foot with a slow tip-tap-tap. You like what you hear, don’t you? The rhythms of a place that can’t be contained — bursting and moving with life and energy and passion.” These liner notes for Sentimento Brasileiro: Music from the Brazilian Heart prepare listeners for the magic they’ll find in this CD, a collection of contagious, calming and sensuous incantations.

Sentimento Brasileiro has a range of flavors, from traditional bossa nova to modern Brazilian sounds. “Quem Mandon (Pe Na Estrada)” and “Bat Macumba,” (which both feature the legendary Gilberto Gil) are rhythmically tight and energetic. Listening to Gil and Jorge Ben, who hold an animated musical conversation in “Quem Mandon,” is like traveling on a musical rollercoaster. The two provide echoes and cries of ecstasy that seem to propel them both to a musical orgasm as they cry and whisper about love at the end of the song. “Sonho Meu,” a bouncy tune by Gal Costa and Maria Bethania, will have listeners singing “Sonho Meu” over and over, even if they don’t know what it means. It’s as catchy as a lullaby. “Sem Catencao” is a very danceable song by Bebel Gilberto with soulful rhythms reminiscent of the so-called neo-soul musicians. Maria Bethania’s rich, low and dusky voice on “Explode Coracao” will inspire listeners to reach for their lovers to dance, kiss and do whatever else comes naturally.

For those who are passionate, in love or wanting to vacation in Brazil, even if it’s just in their heads, this is the CD to buy.

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