Unreleased 2

Unreleased 2

Various Artists

Deep Elm

Deep Elm love their compilations. Obviously dissatisfied with their Emo Diaries series and the numerous samplers they release, they’ve decided to initiate another ongoing compilation concept — Unreleased. The idea is the same as The Emo Diaries, except that instead of unknown bands contributing exclusive songs, it’s established members of Deep Elm’s roster. As such, we get cuts from several distinguished emo scenster outfits (The Appleseed Cast, Benton Falls and Camber being just three). The quality here is solid, if not exceptional (it’s easy to see why some tracks have remained unreleased), but certain gems justify the purchase price. The Benton Falls track, “Occupied For Now,” is one of them, achieving a rare sort of melancholy emo dirge which drifts towards the post-emo, shoegaze end of the genre. And The Appleseed Cast are exceptional as always.

Whether you invest in this disc or not comes down to how much of a Deep Elm groupie you are. As a collection, it hangs together well, and for someone who digs these bands and this music, it definitely won’t disappoint; but newcomers might be best advised to look elsewhere.

Deep Elm: http://www.deepelm.com/

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