DJ Liquid

DJ Liquid

The Remix Project, Volume 2


There are a thousand dance discs in the Naked City. This is one of them. And, since it’s a disc of remixes by DJ Liquid, it sounds a bit like many of the others — not that that’s a bad thing. After a decade of mixing dance and electronic and whatever the latest Ambient-Emo-Traceadelic-Breakbeat name club music goes by, he’s taken some old favorites and redone them enough to sound deliciously different, often in cahoots with other pseudonyminous mixers. The opening track “Echosphere – Pulse” gets redone as “The Racing Into The Future Mix,” reminding the listener of those early electronic posers Yello. Later “Dancing Barefoot” appears, which sounds nothing at all like the Patti Smith hit of yore. A buddy DJ Foxx drops by, and what appears but a new version of “Absinthe.” The mixing creativity is endless!

Twelve songs total, and they present a good balance between the similarity needed to preserve Truth in Genera, and sufficient uniqueness to keep the short attention span listener tuned in for the whole disc. On one level, this disc is just another brick in the electronic wall, but for being that, it’s a strong, solid brick with interesting texture, variation in color and a good solid feel in the Walkman.


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