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Beneath the streamlined façade of FCS North’s electro post-rock lies a heart of smooth, almost easy-listening jazz. Disregarding the throwaway intro track, the rest of the album sacrifices nearly every organic sound for its processed counterpart. Check out the impossibly awful keyboard introduction on “Prince,” as well as the breathy cut-and-paste vocals spread inopportunely throughout the album. Songs like “11:11” and “Things Will Change” play like early ’90s rave-ups, something akin to Underworld fueled by martinis and clove cigarettes instead of cocaine. These tracks are catchy enough to make you involuntarily tap your foot in the privacy of your own home, but still cheesy enough to make you cross your arms and roll your eyes when in the company of your hipster friends. Don’t misunderstand, FCS North is made up of very able-bodied musicians, this album would just benefit greatly from a slight update in sound and some sloughing off of the electronic sound. Maybe next time.

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